Welcome to the 13 Days of Halloween

This week’s blog posts will be a three-part series. Each post will be a “vs” feature where I will be pitting two similar icons of Halloween against each other and see who comes out on top. Although I will have my decided favorites going into this series, I’m also keeping myself open to the possibility of being pleasantly surprised and possibly swayed by whatever information I dig up. I hope you enjoy and welcome you to weigh in.

Part 2 of 3:

Vampire VS Werewolf


Here’s another VS as ancient as the subjects themselves. However, there are many different interpretations to the mythology of vampire and werewolf. For the sake of fairness, I’m going to try and stay as true to their origins as possible. Please–call me out if I’m wrong. Just don’t be mean . . . or I may Hulk out.

So I stumbled across this quiz you can take to find out if you’re a vampire or a werewolf. It asks: Are you a morning person or a night person? Pretty sure I already know the answer to that question without having to take the quiz. Anywho, when you answer a series of questions, it determines “your inner monster”. BRB . . . And the results are in!


“You are a vampire. As a vampire you are the epitome of cool . . . and cool to the touch. With the dawning of pop culture phenomena like Twilight, True Blood, and Vampire Diaries, you are more popular now, than ever before, and that is saying something, because you have been around for awhile. Like vampires, you are the definition of sexy, mysterious, and dangerous so, while you may be tempted, don’t bite anyone . . . too hard!”

It’s like they looked straight into my soul . . . NOT! And although the questions you answer have about as much depth as a Kesha song, if you’re bored or looking for a chuckle–give it a go and feel free to share your results in the comments below.

Alright, so, in this post I’ll be taking a look at Halloween royalty. I’ll break things down by doing the following:

  • similarities
  • distinct differences
  • wrap up with a top 5 movie homage to both


Damon, Tyler, and Stephan–The Vampire Diaries
  • mythical creatures who kill humans . . . unless you’re . . .
  • known for their human-like appearances
  • their propensity to attack and “turn” humans
  • they’re nocturnal . . . unless you’re . . .

Distinct Differences

Selene and a giant werewolf–Underworld Awakening


  • don’t age, immortal (depending on the interpretation, there are specific ways they can be killed)
  • often sophisticated, charming . . . unless you’re . . .
  • diet consists of human and/or animal blood
  • they are known as the undead
  • their main strengths are immortality, speed, flight . . . unless you’re . . .


  • age like humans, mortal (this also depends on the interpretation)
  • aggressive or animalistic, even in human form
  • raw or cooked meat (unless in human form, then normal food)
  • their weaknesses are silver and wolf’s bane
  • near invulnerability due to speed and strength

Top 5 Vampire Movies

The Lost Boys, director–Joel Schumacher (1987)

Nosferatu, director–F.W. Murnau (1922)


Dracula, director–Tod Browning (1931)


From Dusk Til Dawn, director–Robert Rodriguez (1996)


Interview with a Vampire, director–Neil Jordan (1994)


Honorable mention (because I dig it): Queen of the Damned, director–Michael Rymer (2002)

Top 5 Werewolf Movies

An American Werewolf in London, director–John Landis (1981)


Ginger Snaps, director–John Fawcett (2000)

The Howling, director–Joe Dante (1981)


The Wolf Man, director–George Waggner (1941)


Dog Soldiers, director–Neil Marshall (2002)

And the winner is . . .

Louis and Lestat–Interview with a Vampire

Even though they both have some equally bad ass qualities, I’m going to have say vampires. I base this solely on the fact that I watch way more vampire movies than I do werewolves. Do you agree?

Until next time . . .

Happy Haunting

Written by Christine

A writing tutor by day; a writer by night. Dabbles in Hocus Pocus, believes cupcakes should be a food group, loves black cats and vodka.


  1. Right on, Jen! My personal top 5 would be Queen of the Damned (all time fave), Interview with a Vampire, Twilight Saga (movies, not the books), Underworld, and Dracula–Dead and Loving It (gotta love Mel Brooks). What’s on your top 5?


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