I’m Baaaaaaack . . . the Return of the 13 Days of Halloween

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So before we get started with this week’s post, can we just talk about the fact that Prince died? Dudes, Prince died. Another brilliant human being who, for the briefest of intense moments, set the world on fire and burned through us with more “fuck yeah” than any normal creature would ever dare. He was one of those rarities you could partake in, but always wonder–are they even from this world? Or is this just a stop along the way on their road trip through the Galaxy? Well whatever he was, he, like so many other bits of my life, is no longer. And for that unwelcome vacancy in my life, in my continued tribute to Prince Rogers Nelson, this week’s blog has been purple-fied. 

Song of the Day

Dude . . . the 80’s . . . bitchin‘!

Let’s get started . . .

So, some of you may have been wondering where the hell I’ve been since my last post in November. On the other hand, some of you may not have even noticed I had virtually disappeared from the blogosphere, in fact, the insignificance of my literariness may very well have far outweighed my significance. If that be the case, then all but the 3 that are reading this new post are finding my declaration (I’m baaaaack) a bit of a head-scratcher. Sigh . . . thus is life when one thinks outside the box–chooses the road less traveled–and doesn’t write a mainstream blog

Nevertheless, before I dive into “business as usual”, I’m going to take the time to explain what the hell I’ve been doing these past few months. Upon reflection–a bit of soul searching, if you will–I’ve come to the realization that there have been 2 prominent factors which have kept me from blogging since November:

  1. I got really caught up in the marketing side of things e.g. how to make money blogging, how to make yourself marketable, how to increase your TwitterInstagramPinterest and Facebook followers by the 1000s. And although I have learned a few things that have indeed proven to be effective, I’ve realized something that I feel is far more valuable: my thorough enjoyment in creating (what I think) are fun and entertaining blogs that successfully translate my love of all things Halloween. So even though I have a clearly identifiable niche (because this has been stressed to me as important), I do not in any way write what is considered a “mainstream” blog. Therefore, the chances of my posts going “viral” or “trending” (considered a clear sign of success) or my being titled the next “Queen of Halloween” (not just by groovy friends) are about as likely as Tish suddenly deciding Kate Spade’s new spring line is where it’s at–not gonna happen . . .
  2. From the months of November to (at least) February, I’m a 100% convinced that I might very well have possibly been possessed by the spirit of some sort of geriatric entity. Truly–the embodiment of a really old chick. You see, I was crocheting everyday for hours at a time. And when I wasn’t crocheting, I was scouring Pinterest sites for “fun” projects with yarn. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. (Yes, the name of Tina Fey’s new movie. I really have developed a fondness for the play on words, that in acronym form, also stand for WTF.) I enjoy this the same way I enjoy saying: C U Next Tuesday instead of saying outright–well–you get the idea. Anywho, yeah, I was totes acting like someone freshly placed on the senior citizen discount list and was crocheting the shit out of every skein of yarn I could get my hands on.

Dudes, this took up a huge chunk of my time! You have no idea!!

Here’s where I’m at with things now:

  1. I’m going to continue writing about the things I dig the most (everything) about Halloween or have deemed to scare the shit out of me. Do I intend to learn as much about having a successful blog life as I can? Yes. But I will no longer treat my blogging as some sort of popularity contest–wondering if my blog is pretty enough, funny enough, and successful enough to sit at the cool (mainstream blogging) table.  No, my kick ass blog is more like the creepy little goth girl hanging in the corner secretly willing everyone to leave her alone so she can do her own thing . . .
  2. For the most part, I’ve got my crocheting under control. Once I identified the driving force behind my compulsive behavior, I could put the needle down and walk away. Attention: soul baring moment ahead–proceed with caution. I have identified November through February as a tough time for me. The holiday season, and the fact that I no longer have a mother, sucks the biggest booger bubble of my existence. And since crocheting apparently soothes my demons, and I’m not hurting anyone or myself and my friends get free/cool crocheted shit, I embrace the obsession . . .


I crochet because punching people is frowned upon.

If I have a fan base, I wear a medium . . . so . . .

Weekend forecast crocheting with a chance of drinking.

. . . FYI

Zalls I’m zayin’ iz . . . this is the 13 Days of Halloween and you either dig what I’m doing or you don’t, but I’m writing it, for no other reason than because of my enjoyment and love for all things Halloween. Peace out my witches!

And now,

one of the best “me and Prince” stories I’ve heard so far:

Until next time . . .

Which is going to totally rock so stay tuned . . .

Happy Haunting!

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2 thoughts on “I’m Baaaaaaack . . . the Return of the 13 Days of Halloween

    1. Thanks! If there’s 2 things I know a smidge about it’s writing and Halloween. And when these 2 powers combine, hopefully I can create a little magic for others who dig Halloween as much as I do. Keep reading!


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